Curran Homestead Village


The carousel at Curran Homestead Village is an 1894 Armitage Herschell steam driven portable. It was purchased from Herschell by Ivory H. Fenderson of Saco, Maine in 1894 for $2000. The cost included not only the carousel, but also a man from the Armitage Herschell Company to set up the carousel and to instruct Fenderson on how to operate it. Mr. Fenderson shared his carousel with his neighbors throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts transporting it, as an adult ride attraction, from venue to venue from 1896 until 1922. It took a three-man crew one day to set up the carousel.  Finally, apparently for financial reasons, Mr. Fenderson put the carousel in storage where it remained for over 50 years. Eventually, this beautiful masterpiece was purchased by the 19th Century Willowbrook Village (now Curran Homestead Village), fully restored, and placed into operation in 1991. Except the tent, every piece of the original carousel, including the bill of sale, was included in the purchase. What a wonderful acquisition for their collection!


The carousel is one of the most complete Armitage Herschell carousels in existence. The mechanism is driven by the original steam engine, which has now been converted to compressed air. It is a two-row carousel with 24 jumping horses and four chariots. The horses are beautifully carved, of simple design, with glass eyes and horse hair tails. Elevated slightly above the horses is a level offering single chairs that rotates with the horses and chariots. Although the museum has kept the original tent/canopy poles, the carousel is housed in a specifically designed and constructed building. Also included as part of the exhibit are the original ticket booth and tickets. The band organ is a DeKleist-Limonaire, complete with a black-faced manikin turning the crank. The band organ has been disengaged from the carousel mechanism to protect the delicate pins. It only operates once each year. At the time we visited, the music was recorded.


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I. H. Fenderson's 1894 Steam Carousel in Maine, Carousel News and Trader, July 2009.


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Original steam engine which has been converted to compressed air. The original tent poles stand behind the steam engine.



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Although the history is unknown, this is a 1919 Allan Herschell portable wood/metal carousel. It has two rows consisting of 24 jumping horses and two chariots. There appeared to be several horses missing at the time of our visit. The carousel has been very poorly restored in color combinations (yellow body with red mane and tail, see below) that Allan Herschell would never have used. There is no band organ. The carousel operates only one hour/day starting at 6:00 PM from July 1 through Labor Day. We are sure that regardless of the paint combinations and lack of a band organ, this carousel is and has been dearly loved by many children for many years.


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