The Carousels



Many carousels are owned by amusement parks that charge a daily admission of up to $50.00. This is a heavy fee if one only wants to see and perhaps ride on a classic carousel. We have been granted complimentary admission for some parks, but others will not even respond to our requests. It is unfortunate that commercial amusement parks have acquired so many of these classic carousels, some of which are National Historic Landmarks, and are reluctant and even refuse to share them with the public for a more nominal fee.


The following states do not have any classic, pre-1930, all-wood carousels: Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Montana, Nevada, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Arizona: 1 carousel

Arkansas: 1 carousel

California: 10 carousels

Colorado: 5 carousels

Connecticut: 5 carousels

District of Columbia: 2 carousels

Georgia: 1 carousel

Idaho: 2 carousels

Indiana: 2 carousels

Iowa: 2 carousels

Kansas: 3 carousels

Louisiana: 1 carousel                                                                            

Maine: 2 carousels

Maryland: 4 carousels               

Massachusetts: 7 carousels

Michigan: 5 carousels

Minnesota: 3 carousels

Missouri: 1 carousel

Mississippi: 2 carousels

New Hampshire: 2 carousels

New Jersey: 4 carousels

New Mexico: 1 carousel

New York: 25 carousels  

North Carolina: 6 carousels

North Dakota: 2 carousels

Ohio: 8 carousels

Oregon: 1 carousel

Pennsylvania: 14 carousels

Rhode Island: 4 carousels

South Dakota: 2 carousels

Tennessee: 1 carousel

Texas: 4 carousels

Utah: 1 carousel                                                                                              

Vermont: 1 carousel

Virginia: 3 carousels

Washington: 6 carousels

Wisconsin: 2 carousels



Ontario: 4 carousels