Shelburne Museum



Spillman Engineering (Operating)


The operating carousel at the Shelburne Museum is an excellent example of a Spillman Engineering portable carousel. The design of the horses and mechanism are such that it is easily disassembled/assembled and transported. The horses are small and the front legs of the horses are designed so that they can easily hook over a bar to hold them while in transport.


The carousel was manufactured circa 1920 and is a two row with 20 horses and two chariots. The original location of the carousel is unknown, but it has been operating at the Shelburne museum since 1987.


Link to Youtube video:




Note design of the front legs.




Dentzel (Horses and Figures, Display Only)


The museum has what looks like a complete set of horses and figures from a 1903 Dentzel carousel. The mechanism was destroyed, but the horses and some rounding boards were rescued and are on display.